Monday, 2 January 2012

First Challenge - Cake Truffles


I've decided for my first challenge of the year to make Cake Truffles. Delicious, melt in the mouth, cake bites covered in chocolate. Sounds heavenly.

First task is to make a sponge cake. Then totally destroy it! Seems a little strange as I'm more used to beautifying cake rather than smashing it to crumbs, However, it could well be a lot of fun! I'll only get as far as making the basic cake today, truffling will have to wait until tomorrow......

Cake love, Alice x

Hello and Welcome


My name is Alice and I'm a keen, amateur baker wanting to launch my own cake business. Although I can make and decorate cakes to a high standard already, I am aware that I tend to stick to my comfort zone and don't challenge myself enough with designs.

So, for 2012, I have challenged myself to make something different every single week and keep this blog as an online record of my successes (and disasters!). Some weeks may only be learning a new decorating technique, others will be trying a whole new type of recipe. I'll be making a photo record of everything I try. I'll also be publishing recipes and tips that I find to be helpful.

Hopefully you will find my experiments interesting and if you want to know more or to offer me some advice then please get in touch.

Cake Love, Alice x